Why you should list your home during the Spring


So, you have orders to PCS this summer and you have a home to sell….. but you dont know when is a good time to list it.  Let me give you a hint… IT”S NOW!!! “It’s common knowledge in the real estate world that the spring market provides special advantages to home sellers.  What many may not know is just why this time of year is beneficial when putting your home on the market.  Here are just a few reasons why it makes sense to list your home in the spring:

1  – The School Calendar – If you have children, and are moving outside of your school district, spring is an ideal time to put your home on the market as it may take time to sell.  Planning ahead so that you can get into your new home by the time the new school year starts requires forethought and planning. By starting the process months before, you have a better shot of being moved into your home by fall, when the kids begin a new school year.

2. Buyers come out in spring – As the winter thaws and snow melts away, buyers start to begin looking. Historically, they come out in droves when the weather improves.  Putting your home on the market in sync with buyer demand ensures that your home will be seen.  In addition, spring is when those who are coming to the area due to PCS will be making the trip here to look for homes. Additionally, your home will be fresh to the market which is an advantage, as there is a perception, true or not,  that fresh inventory is more desirable.  Some feel that when homes sit on the market too long there is something wrong with them.

3. – Your home is easier to show – Showing a home to prospective buyers becomes easier when the weather is better.  The snow and ice in the driveway is gone and there is more sunlight to fill the rooms.  Additionally, if you have an older home that might be drafty in the winter, prospective buyers are less likely to feel the cold seepage in the spring.  Temperatures are stabilizing, causing a more comfortable home shopping experience all around.

4. Spring Foliage – Something many people don’t consider is that when trees are full of leaves they provide natural privacy.  Privacy is a selling feature not to be under rated.  Many times, when there are no leaves, it becomes obvious just how close those neighbors are and conversely, a tree full with leaves may create an illusion of privacy.  In addition, flowers are beginning to bloom and they may provide a picturesque landscape that is welcoming to prospective buyers.

5. Your outdoor living spaces are enhanced as selling features – In the spring, it’s much easier for a prospective home buyer to look at a patio or deck and imagine themselves hosting a family get together.  A pool normally shows better when it is opened, allowing a buyer to picture themselves lounging on a float. These amenities are better highlighted during a time when people can easily relate to using them. 

If you’ve been thinking of making a move, now is the time to start interviewing real estate agents, as the spring market is getting ready to kick into high gear!


Let me know if you have a home that you are wanting to sell. I would love to assist you or answer any questions you may have.

615-584-0377    deana_watson@yahoo.com

If you’d like to read the rest of this article.. here is where I got it from… http://waltham.patch.com/groups/hans-bringss-blog/p/bp–why-you-should-put-your-home-on-the-market-in-the-spring


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