Featured Neighborhood– Linden Oaks

linden oaks

Hey everyone! It’s time for the weekly neighborhood shout out! This week the shout out goes to the Linden Oaks community at Fort Bragg, NC.

“Linden Oaks certainly qualifies as a thriving community of its own, with its own police and fire station and two luxurious Community Centers. Several additional amenities make Linden Oaks a great place to call ‘home. There are plenty of outdoor activities too, like playgrounds, trails and even a bark park. And it’s the perfect location—access to the local grocery store, several restaurants and a shopping center are less than half a mile away. Linden Oaks features recently constructed homes, full of modern amenities that serve a complete list of pay grades.”

There are also great schools in the Linden Oaks area.

  • Shughart and Gordon Elementary Schools
  • Shughart Middle School
  • Alexander Child Development Center
  • Chay Youth Activities Center
  • Morales School Aged Services Center

“Linden Oaks has a small town feel and the added bonus of being kind of in the middle of Fayetteville and Raleigh. Most of the time it only takes us about 30 minutes to get to Fayetteville and 50 minutes to Raleigh!”- current resident and member of the Fort Bragg Wives page.

Please let me know what neighood (on post or off) that you would like for me to feature in the next edition of Feature Neighborhoods. Email your requests to deana_watson@yahoo.com. Also, you are welcome to include a photo of your neighborhood or home and why you think this should be the featured neighborhood.

For a direct link to this information please visit http://www.braggpicerne.com/residents/neighborhoods/linden-oaks

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