Tips for success as a military wife


So, once again I’m on and come across a great article that I think should be read by more people! This article lays out tips and pointers for being a military wife. I’m only reporting a couple of them at a time because its a long article and I don’t want to lose your interest. So…here goes

“So you’ve joined the ranks of military wives. Below are tips for Newbies from the old pros — your new friends.

The Major Differences Between Civilian and Military Life

The major differences between civilian and military life can be boiled down to three things. First, your husband will go off on deployment sometimes for long periods of time. Second, your husband’s professional life is fairly integrated with your social life simply because co-workers live on or near base together. As a group, you will have great adventures together that you will tell your grandchildren! Third, you will relocate about every three years. All of these things can be good or bad depending on how you look at it.

Your Attitude Defines Success

The most successful military wives are those who look at this lifestyle as a great adventure. They tell stories of how their husbands went on deployments and they and the other wives met the ship in Thailand. They throw great parties that unite friends and families. And they especially get the gang together when the husbands are on deployment, venting frustrations, sharing babysitting duties and road tripping! Finally, these women keep friends for a lifetime. Whenever they relocate, they are simply reuniting with old friends. Wherever they vacation, they always have a free place to stay. These women may or may not join wives clubs, but they understand the importance of friendship and what military life has to offer.

In stark contrast, the least successful wives dwell on misery. They do not continue to have their own identities, such as maintaining hobbies or professional skills. Instead, they stay home and complain to anyone who will listen. These women are no different that the wives of corporate executives who also dwell in their misery, whatever it may be. Thus, the difference is attitude!”

Thanks for reading the first two tips…more to come soon! Also, let me know what you think by leaving a comment or emailing me at

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