Surrounded by bliss


How often can you say that you are truly blessed by where you live? I can!
The military sometimes takes us to some places that challenge us, our relationships, our families, and our way of life…but how often does it improve it? As I get ready to leave this wonderful place I’ve called home for the last 9 months…I can truly say that I am grateful to the US Army for allowing me the privilege to live here!

Colorado Springs, Colorado, boasts over 300 days of blue skies a year, sits at an elevation of 6,035 feet and is home to Pikes Peak, Garden of the Gods and the U.S. Air Force Academy along with many other attractions.

Fountain, (right outside of Fort Carson) has the distinction of being the United States’ millennium city because it best symbolizes the overall composition of America. Fountain is the most accurate representation of the American “melting pot.” Fountain was chosen after a Queens College sociologist crunched Census Bureau statistics in an effort to find the one city in the country that best represented the population make-up of the United States.

Colorado Springs has won many awards such as -#1 fittest city in the US, -#9th best major city to raise a family, – #1 best Big cities to live in—-and it will continue to do so! I hope we come back to this amazingly breathtaking place!


2 thoughts on “Surrounded by bliss

  1. I love this! I seem to keep seeing so many negative posts about this place (especially on the Fort Carson Military Wives Club page) and I NEVER understand what they have to complain about! Every single city in America has petty crime, but coming from Augusta Georgia (Ft. Gordon), where military people couldn’t even go downtown (they were either beat up or shot at every. single. weekend.) and the place had such a negative attitude about military. I love the weather (can’t wait for fall!!), the people and the beautiful outdoors. Only complaint : people cant drive lol. Thanks for being positive!

  2. I loved ft carson, its where hubby and I met and while i’m settling into our life at ft campbell and there are some wonderful things about here, I’d love to get back to the mountains and be less than 2 hrs from some great snowboarding at Breck!!! 🙂

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